A Few Words About Us

"What's your specialty?"

That's the most frequently asked question about our catering services.

Our standard reply...



Growing up in the heart of San Francisco, ETC CATERING owners Kate and David Dorfler learned to appreciate diverse flavors from all over the world. "Our passion for eclectic food gives our clients numerous choices when planning their events. We love Italian, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Burmese, French, Spanish, California Cuisine, etc. We love it all and it shows in our food! Not only will we help you customize your menu, we will also help provide you with the ideal drinks, flowers, linens, tableware, etc."

"At ETC CATERING, we strongly believe in supporting our community by using local farmers and vendors who provide us with certified organic, natural, and hormone free foods whenever possible. This enables us to produce healthy AND delicious cuisine for our customers.


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